Hey guys! (UPDATE 3.22.11 : PLEASE SCROLL DOWN!!)

Today I went to German wikipedia (I'm from Germany) and in the episode list for season 4 there was a future episode named "iOMG" (and not on English wikipedia). Well, of course, I know that wikipedia isn't that reliable at all, so I googled and found it also on but nowhere else.

Now my question: Do you happen to know if is a reliable source? I always thought it was but now i'm not sure anymore.

And: If "iOMG" would be a future episode - what do you think would it be about? It's alt least a very...expressive title.;)

Greetings from Germany,


UPDATE, 01.31.11:

Saw THIS blog post about it today:

And here are some fan's opinions:

I found out that it's the "mystery episode #310" we're dealing with. Since there've been so much rumors about that episode I wanna know: What do you guys think?

UPDATE, 03.22.11:

Okay guys! So much people told me that I'd fallen for another "phony"...Well, obviously I'd NOT 'cause Dan confirmed iOMG on Twitter!!

He said:


Sooo...who said I'D FALL FOR PHONIES, HUH?? xD

Since it's called "I Oh My Gosh" it HAS to be HUGE!!

And since we got some pretty good hints towards one pairing recently, I guess it's clear what most of us are thinking... ;)

But let's not get all over-excited, we don't know anything yet. Hints are hints not facts!! :D


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