Okay, this is my first blog, so I hope it doesn't end up incredibly stupid. Well, here goes nothing:

I was thinking we ought to have a game, and this cool idea came to me! I don't think anyone has already come up with it, and I apologize if you have.

It's called The Penny Tee Game!

So here's how it works: one person will say the name of a penny tee (you can make it up; it'd be more fun if you do, actually) and the next person creates a new comment with a penny tee with the last word of the previous penny tee as the first word. Sound confusing? Here's an example:

Person 1: Special Ham

Person 2: Ham Sandwich

Person 3: Sandwich Bear

Get it now? :) The penny tees don't have to make perfect sense, they just have to start with the last word of the previous comment. And it would help if you make a new comment rather than reply to an old one. Oh, and also no bad language, but that's a bit self-explanatory.

Have fun! :)

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