The Brandie Norman

aka Brandie Norman

  • I live in Far, Far Away
  • My occupation is student, crazy chick
  • I am a human being that is female
  • The Brandie Norman

    This blog will be very short, BTW.

    Hopefully, everyone reading this blog is from Earth/Mars. (If you are from another planet, please stop reading this now as I have never met your kind and I do not feel comfortable thinking that strangers are reading my blog.)

    All right then! Now that we have those people from unknown planets off, I can safely introduce myself as The Brandie Norman. I joined this wiki on the 1st of August, meaning that I have only been here for a short while. I came across wiki when I went to Google and typed in "iCarly wikia". Originally, I was supposed to type in "iCarly wiki", but an a just slipped in there like magic and I was about to change it when I spotted that, right at the top of the search, it read, "iCarly Wiki", with …

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