This blog will be very short, BTW.

Hopefully, everyone reading this blog is from Earth/Mars. (If you are from another planet, please stop reading this now as I have never met your kind and I do not feel comfortable thinking that strangers are reading my blog.)

All right then! Now that we have those people from unknown planets off, I can safely introduce myself as The Brandie Norman. I joined this wiki on the 1st of August, meaning that I have only been here for a short while. I came across wiki when I went to Google and typed in "iCarly wikia". Originally, I was supposed to type in "iCarly wiki", but an a just slipped in there like magic and I was about to change it when I spotted that, right at the top of the search, it read, "iCarly Wiki", with the address reading So to myself, I said, "Heck, why not go on there?", expecting to see a small wiki with many edits needed ... only to find that, yes, I was wrong. Extremely wrong.

When I saw how many people contributed to this wiki and how they were all so active, editing every ten seconds, my socks were stunned off. I was incredibly amazed at the number of iCarly fans on here that spent their time conributing to the wiki daily, making sure that everything was in order, meeting others, etc., and I wondered to myself if I was going to fit in.

I am not a superfan of iCarly, I must admit. I'm not your basic fan, either. I'm kinda in the middle, but that's because I live in Africa and they show the episodes a very long time after they've aired in America, or England, or wherever else iCarly airs that I'm too lazy to mention now. I suppose you could say I'm a superfan when it comes to Africa, but compared to some people on here, I feel incredibly small.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I may write a lot of blogs, so BE AWARE!!! You may get extremely bored when reading and/or die of extreme annoyance.

"Thanks for reading, fairy/elf/dragon/dwarf/ogre!"

~The Brandie Norman

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