So hey guys! Im starting an off-topic blog about youtube. So I started my youtube about a week or 2 ago and only have 1 or 3 subscribers i think. so i have 2 videos. 1 is a victorious fanmade intro i made. i really think it's awesome cuz it really looks like a real one. one is a welcome video where i sing beggin' on your knees. i didn't sing cuz we weren't ready. haha. I'll soon post a cover/sketch/mini short "series" like iCarly. :) Anyways, here is the link to my channel:

So I love subscribing and if you tell me ur channel I'll subscribe when u guys also subscribe in my channel. also please watch my fanmade intro and my welcome video. here are the videos. Comment on them!

Comment, Rate, Subscribe, and Like on my YouTube account and videos ple 'My fanmade intro! 'ase! :)

Fanmade Intro Video

Here is my fanmade intro video! So it starts of with the normal one then if it's the person's name already it's thumb|300px|rightfanmade already. I made it using Cyberlink PowerDirector v8. I didn't use any font but to crop a pic of the text names then removed the background in PowerPoint 10. There are no effects if u put it in TEXT place but fade only so that's what i used.

Welcome Video

well, here's the link: It has a short Beggin' On Your Knees Cover. :)


PEACE OUT! The Chad Dylan Cooper 12:04, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

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