So Dan finally made us know the titles, everything, so this season is a bit spoiling but we only know titles and guest stars and the sequel so very few are known. Here are my thoughts:

  1. iLost My Mind- So I think at first we see Carly imitating the kiss. Then they enter thinking nothing. Then Sam goes wacked up with her feelings and secretly checks in a mental hospital. Then Carly and Freddie try to sneakly enter but gets caught up by guards. Then Gibby does something to make them enter then Freddie goes inside Sam's room. Gibby calls Carly then they both bump in to Jim. So then Jim thinks Seddie will date. And then the eppy might end with Sam and Freddie talking to each other and secretly start dating.
  2. iDate Sam and Freddie- I think they reveal to Carly about it and maybe this is where the Eskimo Kiss happens. But to be sure, Carly makes them go in a date. To not make everything go wacky, they make Carly go also. In the end, they're good and they continue dating.
  3. iCan't Take It- I think they kept fighting and think they're not good enough and stop dating. So Carly needs to decide to make them date again or not cuz it bothers her a bit. In the end, she tries to make them date again.
  4. iLove You- Actually i think the Seddie one is subplot. So main plot is about Spencer's gf and Carly wants them to get together like Sam and Freddie so she tries both. When Carly gives Seddie advice, they decided to just stay as friends and everything back to normal but Spencer has a girlfriend in this episode until more episodes (it's cuz dan said everything back to normal)

So i'll also do iStill Psycho and iMeet the First Lady.

  • iMeet the first Lady- So we know the plot but I'm guessing Spencer tries to be more mature for his new girlfriend and Sam and Freddie fighting and Carly wants them to stop but you know it's almost her dad's bday.
  • iStill Psycho- So i'm guessing Nora's out from prison and Carly wants to set up a party! But they eventually get trapped by Nora's parents and Nora wants them to escape and get trapped and gets torn on what to do. But Nora becomes all psycho again and they try to escape. Dan said a crazy and intense scene and I think Gibby can't do it so Spencer tries to save them but is scared.

What do u guys think?

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