So this afternoon i met up with Sam at the groovy smoothie. She was a little late. Not that it was her fault though. Her mom was cut off by someone on the way to the groovy smoothie and she had to cause drama because of it. Anyway..Sam got there and we had a nice chat for a few hours. Coincidently Carly was of with Spencer so she wasnt able to alk to me before this smoothie outing with Sam. Good thing too, she probably would have asked me to say some things im not ready to say yet.

Anyway, as it always is when you go out with Sam...(As friends people, like we did that time Carly was with Griffin. Sam and I have done stuff together before people.) anyway....she ate and drank through a couple weeks of allowance but oh well...I deserved it for not being there for her in the last few weeks. I was just and still am not sure what the future holds for Sam and I. But I have no excuse for freaking out like i did. Sam and Carly had a right to be ticked at me.

Anyway, I think everything is back to normal friendship wise that is. I assume that's the case. Carly may disagree and think i still have work to do to make up for my actions though. I hurt her best friend, even though it wasnt intentional, my nub ways struck again.

So I hate to use the term back to Status Quo. What happened with Sam and I is and was a big deal. But right now, our friendship seems to be solid again. And we will see what the future holds.

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