• The Fredward Cullen

    hey peeps!

    so i was just randomly thinking, what do the fans of icarly and victorious want to see in the crossover?

    Anybody wanna see a sam/jade beatdown??? Anyone besides me?

    Or maybe a beck/sam moment? lol my inner fangirl again.

    Or, gasp, Beck/Sam/Freddie jealousy?

    Post ur comments and speak ur mind!!!

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  • The Fredward Cullen

    hello friends! I'm back.

    So i have to say this, because it's been bugging me for a while now.

    Ten Reasons I Hate Twilight

    1. The saga was boring, cliche, and offered no real value to the world.

    2. It has torn apart friends, families, even coworkers with the team war.

    3. The actors cast for the movie are overpaid, dry people who make the awful characters even more unbearable.

    4. The whole teenage wolf imprints on baby thing? eww.

    5. Vampires sparkling? Really people?

    6. The love triangle.

    7. Alice Cullen.

    8. Rosalie Cullen.

    9. Jacob

    And the tenth reason to hate twilight?

    10. Edward being afraid to "do it" with bella. What normal teenage boy abstains that long? Come on.

    Anyways, those are the reasons that I hate Twilight. The saga was four books too long. …

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  • The Fredward Cullen

    living on the edge, can't seem to walk this line.

    Said you were my friend, but now your boy is mine.

    Can't believe you were so cold to him, gotta fix just what you broke.

    Now im dancing in the trails of shadows and smoke.

    This boy is mine, for all time. He will never leave my side.

    Love you but, you missed out.

    Now he's mine, without a doubt.

    Yeah girl, your boy is mine.

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  • The Fredward Cullen

    Well hello there, small delicious, err delightful people. I am allowing people to ask me questions about my life, hobbies, personal interests, etc. Don't be shy friends. I don't bite that hard.

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