• The Gibby Gibson

    Yo, yo, yo. It's The Gibster here. So I've been thinking about this iCarly gig lately. It's cool and all but I really do think I should get some "compensation." That means money, right? If so, then I want it. If not, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I feel NO ONE else would do the kinda chiz that I do on the show. So, here's the bill.

    iCARLY OWES ME FOR... Being baked INTO a pie -- $15.00
    Standing in a bucket of hair -- $4.00
    Drinking a smoothie called "BBQ Poo" -- $45
    Taking my shirt off -- $52 (26 times at $2 a pop)
    Giving Spencer a professional manicure -- $75
    Dressing me like The Statue of Gibberty (painting me green AND making me wear a dress) -- $99 SERIOUSLY, I don't know what kind of paint they used, my underarms are STILL green!
    Oh, and sa…

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  • The Gibby Gibson

    Yo! The name's Gibby! Since the rest of the iCarly gang has been writing these blogs, I thought I'd write one, too! So, ask me any question, and I'll answer it, as long as it's not about what Sam wrote on my forehead. It was pretty accurate, though...

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