Yo, yo, yo. It's The Gibster here. So I've been thinking about this iCarly gig lately. It's cool and all but I really do think I should get some "compensation." That means money, right? If so, then I want it. If not, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I feel NO ONE else would do the kinda chiz that I do on the show. So, here's the bill.

iCARLY OWES ME FOR... Being baked INTO a pie -- $15.00
Standing in a bucket of hair -- $4.00
Drinking a smoothie called "BBQ Poo" -- $45
Taking my shirt off -- $52 (26 times at $2 a pop)
Giving Spencer a professional manicure -- $75
Dressing me like The Statue of Gibberty (painting me green AND making me wear a dress) -- $99 SERIOUSLY, I don't know what kind of paint they used, my underarms are STILL green!
Oh, and saving your life by rescuing you all from that psycho Nora -- $17 How about I give you the Gibby discount? If you floss my teeth for me twice a day for a week, we'll call it even!

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