19 Seddie hints (Because 8 + 11 (the two of the Seddie numbers) is 19:)

Almost all the letters in fried chicken are in freddie, which is the type of food sam likes. Seddie Hint #1

In iOMG, Freddie kept the birthday card sam gave that said, "Happy Birthday, I hate you. Hate, Sam." Seddie Hint #2

In iOMG, Sam said to Freddie that she never said she hated him, implying that that is not the only feeling she has for him. Seddie Hint #3

In iThink they Kissed, Sam's mad at Freddie at first for telling, but turns to a sad tone saying, "You swore you wouldn't tell anyone we kissed!" sounding like she really trusted Freddie's promise, but was hurt he didn't. Seddie Hint #4

In iWas a Pageant Girl, Freddie says to Sam, "If you love me, just say so." implying that he could be in love with her. Seddie Hint #5

Part 2 will be posted after iLost my Mind.

iUPDATE: The Sequel is here! Click Here to see it.

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