This is part 2 of Seddie hints. Hope you enjoy it.

In iStart a Fanwar, Sam gives Freddie some of her Fat Shake (something she loves) while she already put her mouth on the straw. Since she offered for him to try the fat shake (but not to finish it) it is implied that she would have put her mouth back on the straw after Freddie's was on it. Seddie Hint #6

In iOMG, Sam and Freddie kiss for 11 seconds, where as in iKiss they kissed for 8 seconds. Seddie Hint #7

In iParty with Victorious, when Sam is rapping, Freddie is jumping up and down cheering for her. Seddie Hint #8 (Seddie Number!)

In iPilot, when Carly and Sam are being filmed after finishing the talent auditions, Freddie agrees with Sam about Ms. Briggs. Seddie Hint #9

Sam doesn't hurt or tease Freddie at all during iOMG. Seddie Hint #10

Part 3 will be posted after iDate Sam & Freddie.

iUPDATE: The second Sequel is here! Click on "Seddie Number!" to see it.

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