I just found out on some blog Miranda recently got into a tour bus accident on the 11th or something.

So I guess this is how it went:

She was her band and mom and I guess they were sleeping on bunk beds or something when they were on a tour bus. And then, the driver collided with a tractor trailer thing and a huge part of it went through his arm all the way. It was frightening for him since it was near his heart.

Miranda's mom and band were not hurt to much. Miranda got a broken ankle. The rest of Miranda's Summer Tour got cancelled. :(

It really blows Miranda is like this and I hope she feels better. She got tweets from Dan and Jennette:

Dan - "Love-N-Hugs to @MirandaCosgrove! #GetBetterMirandasAnkle !"

Jennette - "#GetWellMiranda"

So that's pratically how it went.

Get Well Soon, Miranda.

Click here for a Slideshow of the accident.

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