As I told you in one of my Recent Blogs, I was going to see Miranda Cosgrove live! Well, I just got back from the Miranda Cosgrove & Greyson Chance Concert at Music Circus. I didn't bring my Flip Camera 'cause I couldn't find it, but my Sister, Amanda got some of the concert on her iPod Touch.

Greyson didn't do a duet with Miranda, but sung some songs for the first half hour.

When Amanda and I went to get some soda after the Greyson Chance part, everyone got around a pathway waiting for Miranda to come out. All the girls were shouting, "WE WANT MIRANDA! WE WANT MIRANDA!" But the Security snuck her in the concert somehow. So me and Amanda were waiting for about a half an Hour waiting. I could barely see through all the people and had to stand tippy-toed and hold on to Amanda's shoulder to see. Amanda really wanted to sit down.

Miranda sung songs like:

  • About You Now
  • Disgusting
  • Leave It All To Me
  • Stay My Baby
  • And even a remix of Cee-Lo Green's Forget You, P!nk's So What?, and Britney Spears' 'Til the World Ends

A couple of the girls (including Amanda) wanted Noah Munck (the kid who plays Gibby) to come out. He, unfortenately, didn't.

So, the concert rocked. I didn't meet Miranda unfortenately, but the concert still rocked. It was awesome seeing her perform and I would love to really meet her in person some day.

And this was actually the first concert I have ever been to. And it is my favorite so far. Haha.

And that's all their is to say.

See you next blog. Bye.

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