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iLost my Mind Marathon Schedule

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1:00 PM - iGo to Japan

2:00 PM - iFight Shelby Marx

3:00 PM - iQuit iCarly

4:00 PM - iDate a Bad Boy

5:00 PM - iPyscho

6:00 PM - iStart a Fan War

7:00 PM - Locked Up! (Victorious Episode)


1:00 PM - Freak the Freak out (Victorious Episode)

6:00 PM - iWant a World Record

6:30 PM - iDream of Dance

7:00 PM - iMeet Fred

7:30 PM - iHave my Principals


1:00 PM - iGot Detention

1:30 PM - iWin a Date

2:00 PM - Pilot (Victoroious Episode)

2:30 PM - Tori the Zombie (Victorious Episode)

6:00 PM - iAm your Biggest Fan

6:30 PM - iWanna Stay with Spencer

7:00 PM - iStakeout

7:30 PM - iTwins





Note: Sunday might not be too accurate. If it isn't, send me the accurate schedule. Thanks.

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