As you all know, in about 1 week, iLost my Mind will air. (i)OMG! I can't wait! But Before I talk about how excited I am for iLMM, let me talk to you about the previous times I've had with the Seddie episodes.

iSaw iKiss and I sort of saw that coming since Sam and Freddie fight almost every single episode and that sort of thing would be obvious.

Around that time, I was more of a Creddie Fan. I didn't think Sam and Freddie would ever love each other. But now, I think Sam bullies Freddie to hide how she really feels about Freddie (and I think you all know what I'm talking about.)

iSaw iThink they Kissed and I didn't think Carly would find out about Sam and Freddie (but she would have found out sooner or later.)

I didn't see it when it first aired. It was on my DVR so I did watch it. Here's how the story went:

My Brother, Jamie asked if I wanted to hang with his then Girlfriend, Kayla's Mom's House and I said yes. He told me to be sure that I didn't have anything else to do that night. I didn't think of the iTtK (WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) then, so I said I didn't have anything else to do that night (*Punches self in face*.)

At the time it aired at Kayla's Mom's House, I had to leave. I had to freaking leave. I was worried all the way home. When I got home, iTtK was over and I had to go to bed. I told my mom I didn't have school the next day, but she kept telling me to go to bed.

I could barely sleep at that time. I eventually got to watch 3:00 in the morning!! I was then happy! :)

iSaw iOMG and I totally called the ending. But I have to say......Worst. Cliffhanger. EVAR! Hahaha.

Now, some people thought when Sam's mood said "In Love" that she had a crush on Brad, but that's not what I thought! I knew who she was in love with. Freddie. I know, alot of you thought (and knew their was no doubt) that it was Freddie also, but some would think it was Bam (or Sad) love. But the ending told us if it was Freddie or Brad.

That just leaves us to iLost my Mind, which hasn't aired yet (unfortenately.) iLmM will air 8/13 Saturday 8/7c (Why am I starting to sound like a TV Ad Narrarator?)

Come on, iLmM! Air!

I'll blog later on how the episode was.

iUPDATE: The review is here! Click here to see it.

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