I was looking at the Innuendo page and there's some really funny Humor. Here's the top 10 best Innuendo:

10.) In iThink they Kissed, Sam says, "Holy Crab!" referencing a suggestive word (Holy Crap!)

9.) In iGet Pranky, Carly implies she'll "put a pillow over Spencer's head until he stops kicking" if he doesn't sign the contract.

8.) In iBeat the Heat, Carly stop's the old man from wrecking her model. The old man replies with, "I have Angina." Now, you may think that I'm crazy, but although he said Angina, Carly thought he said something else, according to this quote she said, "You have what?"

7.) In iSaved Your Life, Mrs. Benson yells, "What the YUCK?"

6.) In iPsycho, Sam says she'd beam Freddie to Jupiter and Carly asked if that was necessary, Sam says, "I could've said Ura-


SFX: (Beep)

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