Part three of Seddie Hints:

Freddie plays Meat Golf with Sam in iDo. Seddie Hint # 11 (Seddie Number!)

Freddie might not mind living with Sam one day said in the episode, iSam's Mom. Seddie Hint #12

There meant to be a scene in iWon't Cancel the Show where Freddie visits Sam in jail, without Carly, but Jennette McCurdy was in the Hospital at the time, so they skipped the scene. Seddie Hint #13

In iBeleive in Bigfoot, when Spencer said, "My body was just starting to change," both Sam Freddie were grossed out. Seddie Hint #14

In iDate Sam & Freddie......Aw, come on! Do you really expect a hint from that?

The Final Installment will be posted after iCan't Take It.

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