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April 30, 2011
  • The Pam Pucket

    Hello again, yes I'm bak making my new debut. My C in my keyboard does not work, the only way I can do the letter C is by pressing the letter really hard. So I won't bother trying. Anyways, I saw something just so wierd it was like saying I love you to Sam. Anyways, Sam is in a Mental Hospital, repeat, Sam is in a mental hospital. I knew she'd finally end up there. After all she is a skunk sak. Ignore what I just wrote. So her kiddy buddies were going to get her out of the hospital by using little Marly or Darly's (whatever her name is) brother dress up as me. When I saw him, I looked in the internet and looked for a plane tiket to go to Afria. If you say I spell wrong I will ut you! I plan on leaving my daughter.


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  • The Pam Pucket

    If any of you losers want to know something about Sam. I would lOVE to tell you some. Just ask me a janked question and I will try to answer.

    Hurry up! I have a date soon!

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  • The Pam Pucket

    So, every single day my dumb daughter keeps bugging me to make a sandwich. I keep telling her no, but she just keeps wacking me with a pillow yelling, "Get up mother, there's a cop in the door and he has a tazer". I don't listen, but eventually wake up. I go out of my bedroom and make some coffee, when my stupid daughter is on the couch watching the Dingo Channel. I tell her why she's not in school yet, but then she answer's, "I don't wanna go to history!" So then, I have to drive the lazy bum to the school, and as always I go to a teacher and ask him if I can go to his house, but he always has to have a wedding ring. So, then I get back home to my apartment, holding the man's golden ring. Yep! I stole it! This happens every morning, so I …

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