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When I Wake up in the Morning

So, every single day my dumb daughter keeps bugging me to make a sandwich. I keep telling her no, but she just keeps wacking me with a pillow yelling, "Get up mother, there's a cop in the door and he has a tazer". I don't listen, but eventually wake up. I go out of my bedroom and make some coffee, when my stupid daughter is on the couch watching the Dingo Channel. I tell her why she's not in school yet, but then she answer's, "I don't wanna go to history!" So then, I have to drive the lazy bum to the school, and as always I go to a teacher and ask him if I can go to his house, but he always has to have a wedding ring. So, then I get back home to my apartment, holding the man's golden ring. Yep! I stole it! This happens every morning, so I have about eighteen rings.

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