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  • The Real Melanie Puckett

    Hey guys. Just a quick update, I'm not going to Seattle. Sam wasn't returning my calls, so I figured that something was wrong. I really don't want to be a burden for Sam or her friends. Maybe I'll come back for thanksgiving! :D

    Random Question: What's your favorite movie? Mine? The First Kiss, by far (: And I know its not real, but Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie is hilarious. It was my all time favorite bit on iCarly.

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  • The Real Melanie Puckett


    July 21, 2011 by The Real Melanie Puckett

    Hey guys! I'm back, my internet has been acting spotty. I've been veggin' lately, which is NOT a common thing for me to do! It's just been so hot out lately. How are you guys? Whats new?

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  • The Real Melanie Puckett


    Alright, first of all, I'd like to apologize for my short absence. I was busy... because I was PACKING! I'm going to Seattle for a visit! I can't wait to see everyone!!!

    I'm really excited! When I'm excited, I give myself a pedicure. (:

    What do YOU do when you're excited? Leave your answer in the comments!

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  • The Real Melanie Puckett

    Hey guys! Melanie here. I LOVE writing blogs! Since I'm a fun loving person, I'll write a mix of update blogs and blogs that are like little "Games". Today's blog is a little game.

    All you have to do is write three random questions. Then in a comment (not reply!) the next person answers the previous questions and creates three new questions. Then the next person comments their answers and three new questions, and the cycle goes on. Try to make the questions creative. Avoid "normal" questions. E.g. "What's your favorite color?"

    I'll start.

    1. What is your favorite animal?
    2. What is your favorite book from your childhood?
    3. Big dogs or small dogs?

    Have fun! (:

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  • The Real Melanie Puckett

    Hey guys! Melanie here. It's thundering and lightning outside, so I'm in my room with a whole bunch of candles lit.

    I need something to do, so I'm making a blog! Ask me anything.

    Hey, lets make this fun. Ask me anything and I'll post a funny cat picture for my answer!

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