• The Rueben

    SAM IS MINE!!!!

    April 24, 2011 by The Rueben

    The word on the street is that Freddie has the marshmellow raisen to steal Sam from me! If they shared a milkshake, I swear that he'll go down the turtle drain! The meerkat has been awakened!!

    Sam is MY rasberry soccerball!!!! Freddie better let go of his balloon or I'll hit the hobo with the crazy straw!!


    I've heard that Freddie and Sam kissed, and now he's trying to steal her from me! If they kissed, I swear that I'll kill him! I'm angry!!

    Sam is MY girlfriend!!!!! Freddie better get out of here or I hurt him!!

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  • The Rueben

    Yo yo yo my peeps! I'm here to sniff the pasta!

    PS~Sam is my rasberry soccerball! ;)

    (This is Lovin'Seddie!)'

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