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    Cam is Canon

    November 24, 2012 by The Sam Puckett

    Did anyone not see that hug?

    Did noone see what Jennette McCurdy tweeted?

    I'm waiting two years just so Dan can say Cam is canon.



    Ok, so maybe I got bored and wanted to do a Cam blog parodying Sockstar's. :3 But still, this past week has been AWESOME for Cam shippers! ^_^

    The Sam Puckett talk 21:45, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

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        • Warning: This story has a mature theme in it, please read with caution***

    (Hey guys! It's Roxas, and for those who don't know me, I'm a Cam shipper who frequents the wiki when I'm not doing college. Anyways, as I've grown up, I've come to learn that I love helping people, especially trying to guide the youth in making smart decisions. This is because I'm genuinely a happy person, and you never know what's happening bad in someone's life that could change yours and theirs just by a few words. You guys have also matured about the fanwar, which I'm proud of. The reason for this blog is not to bash users, it's to bring awareness to the reality of bullying, and it's downsides. I am completely against bullying in any way, shape, or form, and when…

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    "This is an unpopular opinion about @jennettemccurdy, and rightfully so. It has no basis in fact, merely just a fan speculating on recent events.

    Let me get one thing straight however.

    I love Jennette McCurdy. As a child star, she is a role model, genuinely nice, and probably tons of fun to hang out with. She followed what she loved in pursuing country, which I respected. While the likes of Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and Lady Antebellum give country its due respect, its not pop. It's not like you can sing a song to the tune of "Baby", and millions of people will flock to it. Country's pretty raw.

    If she or any child actor/actress ever wished to read this,I merely have this to say: You don't have to be a Justin Bieber, or the…

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    (Roxas is here with a blog!!!

    iLove The Big Bang Theory and iCarly!!! If you wanna know the point of this blog, it's mainly to state the similarities between the two shows. Little do you know, these two shows have a LOT in common. :D

    First, Steve Molaro and Steve Holland have worked on The Big Bang Theory. Another show they are credited with??? iCarly. ^_^

    Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory plays Sheldon, but guest starred this season as Caleb on iCarly!!!!

    The first, and major similarity between the shows is the setting; both shows take place in an apartment building. As you guys know, Carly lives in apartment 8-C, Freddie lives 8-D (please, no jokes, I know what it looks like). In the Big Bang Theory, the main character Leonard lives with hi…

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    (PLEASE don't start a debate with me on this issue, I don't want to, nor do I have too much time for arguing.)

    Freddie LOVES Sam. Sam LOVES Freddie.

    This is a STAPLE of Dan's. The elevator scene combined iSaved Your Life, and Mindy Loves Josh. The twist? Sam and Freddie NEVER break up, like Carly/Freddie, Mindy/Josh did. How do I know? Mindy told Josh she loves him in the episode. They break up, but after the science fair, they make up (as well as make out). In between they ask, "Are we still broken up?" "Uhuh?" Sound familiar? Episodes focused on Drake, Josh and Megan before the final episode, Merry Christmas Drake and Josh, casually pointed out Mindy and Josh got back together.

    In iOMG, there was a …

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