(Now, before ten million people run off to make an account without permission, as was done in the past, like I said, I want the RPG to be fun for users, and to do something on the wiki while waiting for new eps.

I've considered, since there are shippers here, people will only be happy if they have Seddie, Creddie, or nothing.

Since I can't exactly do that, being one person, I figured I could AUDITION Seddie and Creddie fans for the roles of Sam, Freddie, and Carly ONLY to have a balance of Seddie, Creddie, and Cam characters.

(That's 3 Seddie, and 3 Creddie fans, and maybe 1 Cam shipper)

Note that since I have distinct usernames in mind for the characters to avoid confusion, I will know if someone made a fake profile, and I WON'T r/p with someone who chooses to be unfair and not follow rules.

So, if you're interested, on 5/20/11 I shall look for those who wanna do this. If not, the game stays the same.

Be aware that I'm looking for GOOD role players, not just those who like a ship. Thanks a mucho!)

MellamoSammo! 18:29, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

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