( Ok, so this is Roxas82 here!


Those who have an ASTERISK are those I would prefer KEEP their chaacter permanently!!!

MusicManiac12323 is Carly*

Roxas82 is Sam*

Cameddie is Freddie*

MagicBoots is Spencer*

TenCents is Gibby*

Lovin'Seddie is Reuben

MaryanHPotterFan98 is Melanie*

SSMT is T-Bo

Arrows2010 is André Harris from Victorious*

iLikeWaffles is Guppy

Jennettex3 is Shelby Marx

ChaosRed is Jade West from Victorious*

Xxsedddiegurrlxx is Cat Valentine from Victorious

SeddiePWNS is Tori Vega from Victorious

KatyKat20 is Trina Vega from Victorious

iLoveSeddie1234321 is Stacey Dillsen*

KatyKat20 is Beck Oliver from Victorious

Lovin'Seddie is Ms.Briggs

Kittygirl7878 is George the Bra

Churchpants is 'Mandy Valdez

itzxlucy is Brad*

Amythest444 is Nevel

Jennetteswag is Cort*

Sam+Freddie=Seddie is Ashley

Datonagirl is Mrs.Benson

GallagherZammieBlackthorne is Wendy

Rachim is Missy

ICarlyRulez5101 is Robbie Shapiro from Victorious

Seddiegirl98 is Rex

Cloverfield monster is Big Bird from Sesame Street (Hey, we don't judge our fans)

xXBerryXx is Principal Franklin

D4sh3r7sd is Lewbert

Seddite is Socko

SeddieShipper is The Idiot Farmgirl

SeddieShipper4Eva is Sinjin Van Cleef

Double M is Mr. Sikowitz

SeddieLynxxx is the Cowboy

is the Random Seedie Shipper Who Shouted "Seddie!"

Rachim is The Random Girl From Webicon

Guys, we are RECASTING, so parts are closed!!! Apologies!!!


So ground rules for role players? Be fun and creative! Think, what would this person do, and keep character. Also, when you can, joke as much as possible!

  • Make sure to be nice to all ships! the iCarly crew LOVES their fans! So if you get a weird q, handle it respectfully, or with humor!

  • PLEASE DON'T CAUSE TROUBLE ON ANY PAGE!!! * I cannot stress this enough...
  • No spamming, please!
  • Do NOT under any conditions, vandalize or insert wrong information onto a page, no matter WHAT character you play!
  • Know your iCarly trivia before you play a person!!!! Don't pick a character you know little about!

This is mucho fun to do, and I love the response from the wiki! Roxas out!!!)

Where have you guys BEEN!!! I need bacon!

MellamoSammo! 14:14, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

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