(Hey, Roxas here, and Dan tweeted earlier today about writing a sequel (dundunDUNNN!!!) for an iCarly episode that aired a while back. So, speculation goggles ON!

iParty With Victorious- Nah, it was just aired, and the stpryline was completely resolved. Also, the trouble in bringing the Vic. cast and Steven back? Scheduling nightmare, I say.

iStart a Fanwar- Well, that would be a fail... iStart a Fanwar is not too popular with fans.

iPsycho- I think iStart a Fanwar was an unspoken sequel to that, as they did end up going to webicon....

iQuit iCarly- As a fan of Carly and Sam, I would hate for another fight. Considering the romantic storylines, the latest one would have to be centered around Freddie. If you remember the girl's pact to no longer fight over boys, (in iSaw Him First) one would hope this would be over. And the promos suggest Carly would be ok with Sam dating Freddie, so I cancel out this episode. No more Cam fights.

iSaved Your Life- I LOVED this episode (sans the extended hallway Creddie scene). Honestly, unless this is written well, I am unsure how a Seddie arc and a Creddie arc can tie in so closely together without a riot. If Dan is resolving Creddie, this is the episode to go from. If he wishes to continue Creddie, I'd prefer he used iSpeed Date.

iSpeed Date- This was a fun, cool episode, but only one piece is left to solve, the dance at the end. That really is weird to make up a whole episode about one moment, but it'd play out like iOMG, I would think. And I dunno how long I could keep watching Sam be in denial or something without wanting something new...

iKiss/iThink They Kissed- I think iOMG and the "Seddie arc" will address this.

iFight Shelby Marx- During the premiere of iPWV, Shelby Marx trended. Dan tweeted about a possible return for Sam to fight Shelby, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This is my top choice for a sequel, because its funny, and not too ship driven.

iTwins- I don't know if it made uber high ratings, but to resolve Freddie's list of love interests, it'd be wise to bring Melanie back. *Cue Freddie passing out.

Welp, these are episodes I'd consider for a sequel or eliminate! What do you guys think?

MellamoSammo! 19:19, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

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