(Hey, Roxas82 here!

I'm an avid shipper of Cam, and I notice alot of peeps ask similar questions about Cam, so first off, I'd like to list some answers to FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

First, Cam is the romantic pairing of Carly and Sam as a couple. Yes, Cam shippers know they're best buds, but it's fun to speculate what'd happen if they ever dated. And Seddiers and Creddiers do it, right? I think it's only fair that we can have a fan page for something we're fond of.

Also, I'm pretty sure all Cam shippers know the likelihood of a relationship is slim to nil. Reminding us of that notion only annoys and disheartens us. It makes me Frown inside.

I can't speak for all Cam shippers as to why we ship Cam, but I do because Carly and Sam genuinely care about each other, and neither of them put up a front. Sam can be vicious and violent, but she's none of this to Carly. Carly herself knows that Sam needs that tough streak, and she never bugs Sam about it, even going as far to encourage it sometimes (See iMake Sam Girlier and iCook). Overall, I think the two girls of iCarly would make for a sweet, aww inducing couple. Kinda like Creddie! :)

So, I think I covered the FAQ's. If you have a question, ask away!

Roxas out!)

'MellamoSammo! 02:32, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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