Once again, the role playing game needs help!!! And no, this does not mean we need a Tara, Haley, or "Random Seddie Guy from iStart a Fanwar".

Before I ask what I need, these are the RULES, which must always be followed:

  • No ship warring/ character bashing!!! Stick to the rules of this wiki when role playing!!!
  • If you're going to audition, we want people who have a good iCarly/Victorious knowledge!!! This is really important to role play!!!
  • Also, if you want to role play, we need CONSISTENCY! It's hard to keep up role play when characters are not around...
  • And for role play, one of the biggest rules, is to stay in character, but have fun!!!


JADE WEST needs to be recast.

SIKOWITZ needs to be cast.

Ant 157349 and iCarlyrulez5105 can still audition for the role of Tori.

*****That's ALL we need at the moment!!! We will take auditions for 2-3 days before coming to a decision!!! Jade and any other permanent role players may role play with auditioners, and we can decide as a group who is best for the roles.

To keep a log of roleplayers, I MUST have your original account name!!!! If people start making fake accounts without verification with us, and/or Admins, we will not role play with you! That is unfair to the auditioners!*****

Thanks a mucho!

MellamoSammo! 16:15, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

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