(No, this isn't about a stupid show like the TCA's, I'm legitamately ticked off. Due to bashers, vandals, and the unsettling environment, users like STAD/SeddieCherry, Alica123, and MagicBoots are leaving the wiki.

Meanwhile, Slappywiggins, and Slicknickshady are in a dispute. Maybe I should just say now that I DON'T want to ban my friends. I don't want to ban Slappy, or Sock, or Slick. They're people with real ideas, not like "OMG iCALRY SUXKS!!!", but actual opinions.

If they fight amongst each other, I'm out of it. It's getting seriously annoying. But if they cross a line, where users are leaving, bans will be made. This wiki is for everyone, Creddie, Seddie, Spam, Cam, Cibby, Sibby, Spish, etc...

I'm tired of being the meditator of silly little arguments which can be easily settled by not commenting back. When I chose to be an admin, it was FOR users like those who are now leaving. Aside from that, we deal with hackers, the arguing stuff can take a back seat. All I can ask is for these users to PLEASE, please stay...

That's about it. Roxas out.)

MellamoSammo! 02:24, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

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