(Lately, all Nick has been doing is airing iCarly episodes two to three months apart. Given the wait, it's a miracle they get the desired ratings they do after all the wait... I mean, we give back to iCarly more than any other fandom, I believe.

The wait is mostly worth it, seeing as the episodes are never horrible, per se, (minus iStart a Fanwar, which I had to watch twice to deem it not horrible) but I figured iCarly fans would get feedback from voting all the time for iCarly, giving episodes ratings of 7 mil. or more, after waiting months for one episode. One would think Nick would throw the viewers a bone, and air either iPWV extended in say, July, then iLMM in August, but no, even that can't be done. Frown Shame, Nick.

None of this of course, is the fault of Dan, or the cast and crew of iCarly. Dan churns out as many episodes as he can, while the company chooses what to do with the product. Given the mishaps with how they perceive Seddie (See Nathan Kress article on their press page), and their issue with all things relating to Jennette McCurdy, (See Brainsurge, and her Music Video mishap) I think the people who work there have their heads in the clouds. Anyone agree?)

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