(Peeps, please STOP with these conspiracy theories about Jennette and Nathan's friendship!!! Things are getting out of hand and I want to make several things clear.

  • According to a tweet about a month or so, Jennette considers Nathan to be a close friend.
  • Jennette, Miranda and Nathan apparently sang together and hung out on the iCarly set.
  • Madisen FOLLOWS Jennette! So please, those who keep saying things about Madisen, STOP! She's a nice girl, and we've even chatted a small bit on Twitter for me to say this.
  • Jennette and Nathan CONSTANTLY receive tweets like this: "Hey guiz, why don't you date Nathan.he iz sooo hot!" Or, "Nathan, Jennette has a great a**. Get it dude!" Who would WANT to keep receiving those kind of tweets? No one. :(
  • Jennette is the sweetest person on this planet. She laughs and cries just like we do. These rumors only hurt her credibility, and she's the one who makes iCarly funny for us (and is one half of Seddie.)

I vow to always support Jennette and the cast endeavors. Do you?

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