(WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am sooo excited to get the news about Jim Parsons guest starring on iCarly, so I might make a prediction that iLost My Mind will be a Season 4 fav. for me!

Ok, so I'll get into my prediction, and steer away from the fangirling.

From the spoilers, Sam Puckett will admit herself into Troubled Water Mental Hospital, this coming ONE episode after iDate Sam and Freddie, so I've gotta put in my prediction on that episode as well. My guess? Sam is extremely upset with herself for putting her guard down, so she initially treats Freddie worse than before, and vehemently denies her feelings. When Carly confronts her, the cat's out of the bag, Sam can no longer play this game anymore, so she tries to get over Freddie. The iCarly fans know, Ridgeway knows, so Sam admits herself into a mental faculty to address the issue. 'Cause you know, she had to have been nuts to kiss Freddie. Tongue

Another guess is her anger issues have spiraled out of control, but I dunno how that could progress in an episode...

So Carly, Freddie and Gibby try to bust Sam out of the place, seeing as Sam's not crazy, she's just a little rough around the edges... At first they are unsuccessful, but Carly and Gibby manage to infiltrate the place, and meet Caleb. Caleb, for the most part, says ridiculous things, save for one thing, relating to Carly. This could be an indicator that Sam and Freddie will end up dating, but a jealousy spin would be a no-no for me... Maybe he says that Freddie will eventually feel the same way? Whatever he says, it will give Carly some pause.

Freddie either manages to get to Sam, or ends up in a subplot with Spencer, but I lean towards him being able to get to Sam, and them having a legitimate talk. Somehow, by the iCarly magic, Spencer makes a sculpture so Sam can bust out "Shawshank Redemption" style. Tongue

What do you guys think?

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