(Roxas82 here, with a prediction for iOMG Parte Dos!

Now from iBeat The Heat, we know we can't always trust pics, but since a real prop is being used, I'll bite and say the pic's legit. [Dan took a pic of Carly in bed with a device helping her breathe, and said it was "funny".]

Pic! This may amuse people---

My prediction? As we DID see a purple set, with a romantic setting, I'm gonna go on a limb and guess Sam and Freddie are dating by this episode, but it's not known by everyone, especially not Carly [I know, I saw iThink They Kissed, but maybe they're testing the waters, who knows?]. Carly's been getting sick, whether her asthma is recurring, or she's suffering sleep apnea, while Freddie and Sam have a date planned.

Somehow, something goes wrong, and Sam/Freddie cancel their date to rush to Carly's side. Once everything's settled and Carly's fine, they all hang together in her room and decide to stay. Cue a sweet friendship talk, and Carly mentioning something about Freddie and Sam's friendship/relationship, and a look between the two of them.

[Another pic was posted of the iCarly trio in pajamas on Carly's bed with her mask next to her. This suggests they were still filming and possibly will have the trio sleep over Carly's house.]


Hopefully this will result in them talking, and not Spencer rushing in at the last moment with the funniest excuse ever. That'd be another iTTK, which if this occurs, I promised to throw a shoe at my tv.


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