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( Heya, this is Roxas, and Eric and Mak have chosen me to be your new Admin!

Hoo rah!!!

First things first, I'm thankful to them for picking me, and hopefully, I can get the hang of it. Initially, I worried it would interfere with school and work, but this is a sacrifice I'm willing to make after all of this Katydidit stuff happened. I don't think I will sleep properly until I know we're safe from that guy...

Onto other things! I can't say I will objectively follow "what is appropriate and inappropriate". Seeing as I broke a few rules impersonationing a non-existent user, and screencapping a private message, there's no saying I wouldn't do it again, if a situation called for it. Rest assured, I will not vandalize, insult anyone, or be a "pedo bear". Consider me just like you guys, a user. Just, now if there's a baddie on the loose, I can do something about it. ^_^

If you ever have a problem, or need a bud to talk to, don't hesistate to message me here, or on Twitter (@MeLlamoSammo). I'll do my best to make myself available for all you awesome peeps!!!

Thank you guys for the IMMENSE support. Roxas, out!)

This has been a message from your Sam Puckett. Bazinga!

MellamoSammo! 04:28, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

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