(PLEASE don't start a debate with me on this issue, I don't want to, nor do I have too much time for arguing.)

Freddie LOVES Sam. Sam LOVES Freddie.

This is a STAPLE of Dan's. The elevator scene combined iSaved Your Life, and Mindy Loves Josh. The twist? Sam and Freddie NEVER break up, like Carly/Freddie, Mindy/Josh did. How do I know? Mindy told Josh she loves him in the episode. They break up, but after the science fair, they make up (as well as make out). In between they ask, "Are we still broken up?" "Uhuh?" Sound familiar? Episodes focused on Drake, Josh and Megan before the final episode, Merry Christmas Drake and Josh, casually pointed out Mindy and Josh got back together.

In iOMG, there was a clock at the bottom. A bell chimed, and Sam kissed Freddie at midnight. They went on a date around 10:30 ish, and the "break up" was code for kissing. If you listened, Freddie LIKED the kiss, saying it was intense, and "a little fun".

I figured Sam and Freddie would be the couple to make and break up. I NEVER believe Nickelodeon after iStart a Fanwar, and I saw the pics before the episode. All it means to me is the Seddie arc is over, so iCarly will go back to normal, focusing on problems of each of the characters, not just Sam and Freddie.

Creddie has officially been resolved. Carly has a new boyfriend in iQ, and Freddie said he loves Sam, which she returned.. seriously. What more do you guys want?

Roxas out.)

The Sam Puckett talk

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