(Hey guys it's Roxas, and I know we have a TON of fun on this wiki, but due to online predators, and the likes, I thought I should mention some helpful tips to protect yourself when on ANY website.

  • Remember to never give your name away to a person, unless you trust they will not bring harm to you. If anything, the worst thing to do is give out your last name, or full name.
  • Don't reveal your date of birth, or noticeable things people could easily find you by.
  • Say you have a Facebook and a Twitter. Facebook allows for more honesty, than Twitter. It's smart not to link those accounts if you don't want people seeing your personal information.
  • If you use social networking, protect your information from people you don't know if you reveal personal information about yourself.
  • Keep an easy to remember password that includes a mix of numbers and letters. A hacker CAN NOT break a code with numbers and letters combined, and forr an experienced hacker, it'd slow them down.

For Admins, I would request we go to wikia to bump up security. Small things like verifying accounts, and using one email per username, I believe would hinder imposters and vandals. Currently, the wikia allows ANY emails to come into the wiki, even if the email address is non-existent. Of course, for those hard to get perps, they use proxies. If there was a way to block them, I'd be all for it...

Thanks goes to SlappyWiggins for some of these tips, and I hope you guys use them. :) )

MellamoSammo! 19:34, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

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