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Song I Think Fit the iCarly Ships!!! :)

The first 2 songs are Creddie, then Seddie, Cam, a random song for a random ship, and a song for iCarly!

Thanks SpencerAndHisGoldfish for the blog idea!!!

1) “That’s What You Get”- Paramore (Sam)

2) “Just The Girl”- The Click Five (Freddie)

3) “Teenage Dream”- Katy Perry (Carly)

4) “Crush”- David Archuleta (Freddie)

5) “The Way I Loved You”- Taylor Swift (Carly)

6) “She’s My Kinda Girl”- Runner Runner/ “Hold My Hand”- New Found Glory (Sam)

7) “My Friends Over You”- New Found Glory (Carly/Sam/Freddie Friendship)

8) “I Gotta Feelin’” Black Eyed Peas (The iCarly crew!)

MellamoSammo! 19:42, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

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