(So, I'm guessing you've ALL for the most part seen the iLost My Mind promo? Eh, eh! Of course you did! And if not, then are you crazy? :P

Click here!

So, GREAT news this week!

  • Jim Parsons, and Michelle Obama will appear on iCarly!
  • Sam and Freddie kiss yet again!
  • Gibby in a Christmas outfit?
  • Carly getting a new boyfriend!
  • Freddie's apartment being shown!
  • A movie date?

All this is potentially upcoming for THIS season of iCarly!!! i'm so stoked to see how it plays out!!!

Onto the promo!!! The kiss scene with Carly in the middle is likely a dream sequence due to Sam's fear about letting her feelings be known. The promos were likely 2 or 3 episodes combined. The initial scenes should be akin to the ones with Freddie and Carly looking on awkwardly, bc of the kiss, ya know, interefering with iCarly.

The date will likely be in the first ep, later on as a test to see if Seddie can even last a whole date without pounding each other. :) Seeing as Freddie and Sam can agree on FOOD ^_^, it goes alright, until Carly gets sick (?) and they have to take care of her. Their feelings and where to go next are left unresolved.

Sam can't take these feelings, and possibly believes she's better off trying to get over it. She checks into a mental faculty to do this, Carly and Freddie managing to break in, but Freddie is the one to break through to her.

If it's not resolved then, one or two more episodes will resolve the Seddie arc, which directly leads to Carly developing a love interest. :)

What do you think, guys?

Roxas out!)

MellamoSammo! 05:21, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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