This is the official roll call for iCarly and Victorious characters.

Carly Shay - (Mak23686)

Sam Puckett - (Primary Roxas account)

Freddie Benson - (Cameddie)

Spencer Shay - (MagicBoots)

Gibby Gibson - (TenCents)

Nevel Papperman - (Amythest44)

Melanie Puckett - (SamBenson)

Stacey Dillsen - (ILoveSeddie1234321)

Tori Vega - (Subject to possible recasting)

André Harris - (Arrows2010)

Beck Oliver - (FearlessStatic)

Cat Valentine - (MaryanHPotterFan98)

Robbie Shapiro - (Kittygirl7878)

Trina Vega - (Needs to be recast)

Sinjin Van Cleef - (Straight A Carlaay)

Rex - (SeddieCherry)

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