The Squidward Tentacles

aka Squidward

  • I live in Bikini Bottom
  • My occupation is Artistic Genius
  • I am An octopus
  • The Squidward Tentacles

    Hello there, people of dry land. I am Squidward Q. Tentacles, the greatest artist the world has EVER KNOWN! I have come to contribute to the Wiki as much as I can. I live in Bikini Bottom and I play the clarinet. I have a really annoying neighbor...make that 2 annoying neighbors, named Spongebob and Patrick. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MEET THEM! They're so annoying. Anyways, for some reason, no one seems to apprecicate my talent. I don't really know why. I have a REALLY lame job at the Krusty Krab, and I work for Mr Krabs, AKA Sir Cheapskate(as I sometimes call him). So, if you want to talk to me, then come to my talk page and live a message.

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