Hello everyone! It's me, Stacey. I'm sitting in Carly's room, waiting for her to come home. Spencer invited me to spend the night at their apartment. But for some odd reason, Carly's not here. •_• But it's fine! I'll just wait for her. Oh! And you may be wondering why I'm not typing with a lisp. I'm using Carly's PearPad, which corrects every single spelling mistake. So, no lisp talking tonight!

Anyway, as some of you know, I just transferred to Ridgeway this morning. Here's how it went down on my first day:

I walked over to the bus stop when Carly, Sam, and Freddie were having a conversation about some crazy girl who keeps bugging them. I hope that girl doesn't bug me too. They all stared at me, and we were all silent until the bus pulled up. The iCarly trio quickly sat down in the front, giving me no choice but to sit in the back. As I walked, I saw Mandy Valdez (Who had also just transferred.) sittig in the back of the bus... with one empty seat next to her. I'm friends with Mandy. We sort of talked a bit on this Wikia and really got to know each other. I sat down with her and until we go to school, we had a civil conversation about her duck mask and my cotton-swab earrings.

I had been through two classes without Carly, Sam, or Freddie. So, I was happy when I came across Carly and Sam at our lockers (mine is in-between theirs). But when I walked over and said hi, they quickly walked off, still talking about that crazy girl.

It's my last class for the day, and my most favorite teacher, Mrs. Briggs, taught it. The iCarly trio were in that class! :) When the bell rang, all the kids ran out the door... and so did Carly, Sam, and Freddie! Why do they keep avoiding me?

So I walked alone. Mandy said she had to get back to her aunt, who was still steaming about movig from Dakoma to Seattle.

I took a cab to Bushwell Plaza, and knocked on Carly's apartment door... No answer. But I could hear the tv and Spencer inside, so I knocked louder. Spencer opened it and said Carly wasn't home, but I said I'd wait.

But now it's five hours later, and Carly is still not home. Ah, whatever. I'm gonna crash. Maybe Carly will be home in the morning.

Goodnight!- Stacey

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