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    Sunk Ship

    February 13, 2012 by The beautiful story teller

    Sunk Ship

    By The beautiful story teller

    Note: This in NO WAY is making fun of shippers. This is just how the characters are.

    Chapter 1

    “And… there coming.” Ali said to her crew. The enemy ship was nearing hers. “Fire the cupcakes.” Ruth was on that enemy ship. “But…but… do we really have to use the cupcakes? I mean-” “FIRE THE CUPCAKES!” She yelled.

    Now, I’m sure you want to know what the heck’s going on. Let’s start from the beginning…

    “One for Jessica, one for Natalie, one Brook, and one for Sophie!” Ali handed her ship crew purple bandanas. The warm tropical breeze felt good on the island they were standing on. “Ok, listen up. Our leader has given us access to strange video files. We will hereon call it ‘iCarly’. Got that?” Everyone nodded thei…

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  • The beautiful story teller

    Welcome to my super short fanfic called iHave You! Yay!

    iHave You

    "See you later." Sam said into her phone. "Yep. Later." Freddie hasn't hung out with Sam alone at the Groovy Smoothie since...well, since they were dating. But they were friends, right? It shouldn't be too akward.

    "My science project is almost done! Thank you, Freddie." Clarissa said. She was getting tutored by Freddie. The truth was, she had a huge crush on him. Today she was making her move. "No problem. Bye!" "Bye!" Clarissa grabed Freddie's face and kissed him. "Hmpph?!" Freddie (tried to) say, still in shock.

    Just his luck. Sam walked through the door.

    Sam made a face and walked right out the door. "Wait!" Freddie was about to go after her, but Clarissa tugged on his shirt. …

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