Welcome to my super short fanfic called iHave You! Yay!

iHave You

"See you later." Sam said into her phone. "Yep. Later." Freddie hasn't hung out with Sam alone at the Groovy Smoothie since...well, since they were dating. But they were friends, right? It shouldn't be too akward.

"My science project is almost done! Thank you, Freddie." Clarissa said. She was getting tutored by Freddie. The truth was, she had a huge crush on him. Today she was making her move. "No problem. Bye!" "Bye!" Clarissa grabed Freddie's face and kissed him. "Hmpph?!" Freddie (tried to) say, still in shock.

Just his luck. Sam walked through the door.

Sam made a face and walked right out the door. "Wait!" Freddie was about to go after her, but Clarissa tugged on his shirt. "Wait! Are you.. dating her or something?" "No...but...look, I gotta go."

"Sam! Sam!" Sam kept on walking down the sidewalk. "Would you just listen!?" Freddie kinda yelled. She didn't turn around. "Why? Don't you have a girlfriend to make out with?" She said and continued fast walking. "She's not my girlfriend!" "Yeah, ok." "She just kissed me out of nowhere! I don't like her, Sam!" Sam just kept on walking. Freddie didn't know what to do. "...I...I still love you!" Sam stoped, turned around and said "And I hate you."

Chapter 2

"....And that's what happened." Freddie said to Carly. "Well, where is she now?!" "I don't know!" "Wait! Remember how we found her when she was at Troubled Waters?" "Oh yeah!" Carly and Freddie got on the computuer and did the locator thingy. "It says she's here in the buliding!" "Well find her!" Carly said while slapping Freddie on the arm. "Ow! Ok, ok." He looked all over Bushwell Plaza, but to no avail. Freddie went to his apartment to ask if Mrs.Benson had seen Sam. When he got there, his mother was nowhere to be seen. "Mom?" He looked around the apartment, looking last at the fire escape.

Sam was there.

The rest will be later! (Tonight, I mean.) :)

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