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    Fanfiction is very popular in the iCarly community, especially (or so I think) among shippers. Now, I'm not here to say one ship is better than another, becuase that's way off topic from the point of this blog. So, back to my point: what makes a fanfic super popular?

    There are certain fanfics that are musch more popular than the rest, whether they're well known to all of the iCarly fans or just to those who belong to a certain ship, the fact that some are very famous while others wallow in anonymity is a fact.

    1. Word gets around. When someone reads a fanfic they love, they'll often share their findings, whether on this wiki, through Twitter, etc. Curious people will then go read the fic, and maybe share it themselves. So, the more people th…

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  • Thebookthief

    Here are just some of the reasons I believe Seddie will happen (these are more facts than my dreams). Also, the list is only a short sampling of many reasons, which you should feel free to add on. If I missed any really important points, please tell me so I may add them.

    If you do not ship Seddie, please be kind in your comments, I don't mind if you don't agree, as long as you are pleasant about it.

    Keep in mind that I can come up with tons of other reasons why they will/should end up together, this is just my list of some more factual points. But, of course there are tons of other reasons. Please share your own thoughts!

    Sam and Freddie will get together. Sure, I'm saying this because I'm a huge Seddie fan, but there's also logic behind it. …

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  • Thebookthief


    I just wanted to hear everyone's iStart a Fan War predictions! There are soo many possibilities... I hope it's super exciting. :)

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