• Theperfectcouple

    We have all seen the promos, and hundreds of advertisements for this episode. I frankly, want this day to come so we can gt it over with. I am sure a lot of people agree with me. Yes, I am talking about the newest icarly episode IMOG. But for now and until tomrrow I will post my prediction on what is going to happen in episode. I know that it looks like it will be major Bram or minor Seddie (at this point, we haven't been given much on the Seddie angle.)But I will write why I think this episode is a Sibby. Here are the main reasons why I think it will be a Sibby:

    1. A picture of Gibby is shown along with Freddie and Brad in the promo # 2 on the icarly episode wiki page, when the narrator says that we will never guess who Sam is in love with.


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