We have all seen the promos, and hundreds of advertisements for this episode. I frankly, want this day to come so we can gt it over with. I am sure a lot of people agree with me. Yes, I am talking about the newest icarly episode IMOG. But for now and until tomrrow I will post my prediction on what is going to happen in episode. I know that it looks like it will be major Bram or minor Seddie (at this point, we haven't been given much on the Seddie angle.)But I will write why I think this episode is a Sibby. Here are the main reasons why I think it will be a Sibby:

1. A picture of Gibby is shown along with Freddie and Brad in the promo # 2 on the icarly episode wiki page, when the narrator says that we will never guess who Sam is in love with.

2. Sam writes something on Gibby's head and he likes the comments he got on it.

3. In the 2nd promo, the narrator said we will never guess who Sam is in love with. We have guessed Freddie and Brad so it must be Gibby.

Here is what I think will happen in the scene where Freddie gives Sam a love pep talk:(about telling her feelings to the person she loves)

Freddie:......(end of really cool speech.)

Sam:Okay. I'll go talk Gibby.

Freddie: Why?

Sam: I am in love with Gibby.

Freddie: Since when? (he looks confused)

Sam: Since Forever. (with a duh sound in her voice) (She starts to walk off.)

Freddie: What?

(Sam finds Gibby.)

Sam: Hey, I need to talk to you Gibster.

Gibby: Hey, what's up Sam?

Sam: You know how I have been acting weird and pretending like I like Brad.

Gibby: Yeah?

Sam: Well, I really don't like Brad. I just was jealous of Tasha and I wanted to get you jealous by pretending to like Brad. I really lo----like you.

Gibby: Really? Well, guess what Tasha just broke up with me. Want to go out?

Sam: Yeah.

Anyway, this is my prediction. Tell me your thoughts.

Theperfectcouple 21:55, April 8, 2011 (UTC)theperfectcouple

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