Hi everyone! First off, thank you for checking out my blog! it's my first one so yeah. I wrote a Seddie fanfiction! it is about how Sam thinks the kiss in iOMG was a dream, but then she relizes it was not a dream, and gets all happy!

'It was a dream. An annoying dream that got me all grumpy. I sulk as I head towards the shay’s apartment. A stupid stupid dream! I realize I am still in my pajamas as I knock on their door. My blonde curls are a mess too. A tired looking Carly answers the door.

“Sam? You look like you got hit by a car or something!” “Thanks!” I reply glumly. “I didn’t think I’d have to get all dolled up to go to your place.” Carly laughs. “Anyway, I need to talk to you about something that happed last night at the lock in.” She closes the door. “What?” I scream. “You saw me and Freddie kiss?” “Yeah and I-“ “IT WASN’T A DREAM!” I shriek at the top of my lungs.

All of a sudden, the door opens. In comes Freddie. “Hey Carly do you have a-“ As soon as he sees me he smiles. “Uh Freddie?” I ask. “Carly saw us last night.” “She did?” Freddie stares at me. “guys, I’m right here!” says Carly. “Sorry.” I say. My mind drifts off to last night after I kissed Freddie. I had Said the same thing. Sorry, and Freddie replied its cool……. “Sam, stop staring into space! This is important!” Carly shakes me as she says that. “I’m just so shocked, because I thought you liked Brad…..” There is a silence. “Well I don’t.” I say at last.

“Carly?” Freddie says to her. “I’m over the crush I had on you...." “If you’re okay with that. He adds.” Oh my gosh! He's over the crush on her?

“It’s fine. I want you and Sam to be together. It’s just so… shocking.”Carly's voice trails off. “I know what you mean. “Freddie says. “But I think me and Sam should have time to ourselves to work this out.” “Your right.” Carly says.

I suddenly burst out “How ‘bout we go to the Groovy Smoothie?” Shoot. I should not have said that! “You mean on a date?” Freddie asks. I try to smile.“Uh… yeah if it’s ok with you.” Maybe we could talk things out…

“Cool. What time?” He's agreeing to the date! Ahhh! “Um, 4:30 this afternoon?” I winced. I always pick random times without thinking! “Fine with me.” He replies. “'What do you say Carly?” Should Sam and I go out today?” She smiles. “I say, SEDDIE!”

Leave it to Carly to make times like this better.

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