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    I love you guys.

    November 23, 2012 by ThisIsBarbii

    So,... here we are. Hours divide us from iGoodbye. A question: are you gonna be on the Sam & Cat Wikia when iCarly ends? I will seriously miss you all. I would like to contact with everyone, especially CreddieCupcake. She seems like the nicest person on this Wikia. ^_^ I will be on this Wikia until iGoodbye ends and then I just won't anymore. Please write me in the comment are you gonna be on some other Wikias? I would like to contact you ALL, even the Seddiers. You can find me on the BTR Wikia, the Victorious, the Sam & Cat Wikia, Ariana Grande wikia and the HOA Wikia. I'm Rusher810 on Twitter, hope I can contact you all! Love you! x

    I love you guys.

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  • ThisIsBarbii


    Chapter 3:

    Chapter 3:

    This is it! The Prom day has finally come! Carly dreamed about this day since she was just a little girl! She tweeted: „Going to the Prom with @Freddie Benson! #so excited!“ Freddie replied: „Well, I'm pretty excited too! Don't worry, I won't be late! ;)“ Carly replied: „You better don't, Benson! :D“ When she woke up, she dressed casualy and headed down to breakfast. She ate well and then relaxed. First she went to the spa on a manicure, pedicure and massages, and then went to the hair dresser to make her hair look fabulous! No hard work on this day! It's her Prom AND she's going with Freddie, the sweetest guy she knows. That's really nice. And a few weeks ago, Freddie asked Carly: „Is it too late for you to love me?…

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    Chapter 2:

    (At the mall)

    Carly's POV:

    I went to the mall to buy myself a prom dress and shoes. And there it was – the dress of my dreams! And I found it in the first shop I walked in. It was a blue „princess“ dress, the length was OK, and I just ADORED that dress! Then I went shoe shopping. I found these blue high heels – the same color of my dress and the purse, also blue. I just knew it will look great together! And I found it so fast! I'm so lucky.

    (At the Bensons)

    Freddie's POV:

    Now that I came home, I STILL can't believe I'm taking Carly to the Prom. I'm such a lucky dude. I gotta go buy myself a tuxedo, a brand new one. I just wonder what will mom say when she finds out I'm going with Carly. Drama!

    Freddie: Hey mom!

    Marissa: Hello, Fred…

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    iProm (Creddie)

    August 7, 2012 by ThisIsBarbii


    NOTE: I do NOT own iCarly. Dan Schneider does. This is not a real episode.

    Story Guide: iProm happens about 3 weeks after iOpen a restaurant.

    Chapter 1:

    (Carly is watching TV)

    Carly: Nothing worth watching today.

    (Freddie and Sam walk in the Shay apartment)

    Sam: Hey, Carls.

    Freddie: Hola, muchacha!

    Carly (with a sad face): Hey, guys.

    Sam: What's with the sad face?

    Freddie: Why aren't you happy?

    Carly: And why should I be happy?

    Freddie: Well, you're ALWAYS happy. Besides, prom is in like 3 days.

    Carly (gets up, goes in the kitchen): Yeah, I'm not goin'.

    Sam: What?

    Freddie: What do you mean you're not goin'?

    Carly: Well, I can't go alone.

    Freddie (surprised): WHAT? Nobody asked you?!

    Carly: Yeah, rub it on my nose.

    Freddie: Sorry.

    Sam: So what? You can go al…

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