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NOTE: I do NOT own iCarly. Dan Schneider does. This is not a real episode.

Story Guide: iProm happens about 3 weeks after iOpen a restaurant.

Chapter 1:

(Carly is watching TV)

Carly: Nothing worth watching today.

(Freddie and Sam walk in the Shay apartment)

Sam: Hey, Carls.

Freddie: Hola, muchacha!

Carly (with a sad face): Hey, guys.

Sam: What's with the sad face?

Freddie: Why aren't you happy?

Carly: And why should I be happy?

Freddie: Well, you're ALWAYS happy. Besides, prom is in like 3 days.

Carly (gets up, goes in the kitchen): Yeah, I'm not goin'.

Sam: What?

Freddie: What do you mean you're not goin'?

Carly: Well, I can't go alone.

Freddie (surprised): WHAT? Nobody asked you?!

Carly: Yeah, rub it on my nose.

Freddie: Sorry.

Sam: So what? You can go alone.

Carly: No, I can't. I will look like a total loser.

Sam: So what? Freddie is going alone too. Oh wait, he IS a loser. (looks at Freddie)

Freddie: Shut it, Puckett!

Carly: Anyway, who are you guys going with?

Sam: I am not going.

Freddie: Me neither.

Carly: What? You're not going neither? And you're making me to go? That doesn't make any sense.

Sam: Well...

Carly: Sam, why aren't you going?

Sam: I'm going to NY to visit a cousin and I'll be gone for two weeks, baby! And what's your excuse, Benson?

Freddie: I have a NAME! I'm not going because I didn't ask anyone.

Sam: Or you asked someone but she turned you down.

Freddie: No, I didn't ask anyone.

Carly: Me and Freddie are such losers.

Sam (gets an idea): Yes! You TWO are losers, TOGETHER! Why don't you go together?

Carly: That doesn't sound so bad. But again, I don't want to bother Freddie.

Freddie: Oh, you wouldn't bother me. I'd LOVE to go with you to the Prom.

Carly (excited): Really?

Freddie (smiles): Yeah, totally.

Carly: Aww, Freddie thanks! This means a lot to me!

Carly: Sam, wanna go to the mall with me? I need to buy a dress.

Sam: Sorry, kiddo, can't. Gotta go to the airport.

Carly: Oh man. Ok. Thanks anyway! Have a nice flight! (hugs Sam)

Sam: Bye, everyone!

Freddie and Carly: Bye!

(Spencer walks in)

Spencer: Hey Freddie.

Freddie: Hey.

Spencer: Where did Sam go?

Carly: She's off to NY for two weeks.

Spencer: Nice.

Carly: Hey, Spence, I gotta get to the mall. I gotta buy myself a prom dress.

Spencer: You're going to Prom?

Freddie: And I'M taking her.

Spencer: Ok, kiddo. Watch yourself.

Carly: Ok, I'll be back in two hours. See ya!

Spencer and Freddie: Bye!

It's just an intro, Chapter 2 coming soon!

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