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iProm (Creddie, Chapter 2)


Chapter 2:

(At the mall)

Carly's POV:

I went to the mall to buy myself a prom dress and shoes. And there it was – the dress of my dreams! And I found it in the first shop I walked in. It was a blue „princess“ dress, the length was OK, and I just ADORED that dress! Then I went shoe shopping. I found these blue high heels – the same color of my dress and the purse, also blue. I just knew it will look great together! And I found it so fast! I'm so lucky.

(At the Bensons)

Freddie's POV:

Now that I came home, I STILL can't believe I'm taking Carly to the Prom. I'm such a lucky dude. I gotta go buy myself a tuxedo, a brand new one. I just wonder what will mom say when she finds out I'm going with Carly. Drama!

Freddie: Hey mom!

Marissa: Hello, Fredward. You called me?

Freddie: Yes, mum. I'm going to the mall.

Marissa: Why? What do you need from the mall?

Freddie: I need a tuxedo for the Prom.

Marissa: You're going to the Prom?

Freddie: Yes, mom.

Marissa: Who are you taking to the Prom?

Freddie: Carly.

Marissa: WHAT?! Carly?! So many OTHER girls in Seattle, and you pick HER?! I don't understand this.

Freddie: Mom, you don't have to understand. You know Carly's been my crush for a very long time.

Marissa: Is she STILL your crush?

Freddie: Mom! You know I don't like to talk about my feelings. But, yes, I still love Carly.

Marissa: Okay, son. At least you still don't love Samantha Puckett! (with a disgusted tone)

Freddie! Mom! You know we broke up like 3 months ago. Sam is still my friend.

Marissa: JUST a friend?

Freddie: JUST a friend.

Marissa: Very well. Let's go to the mall.

Freddie: NO, mom! I'm going alone!

Marissa: Fredward Benson, you are NOT going alone!

Freddie: Mom, PLEASE let me go alone. I'll take Spencer with me.

Marissa: Okay. Take care of yourself!

Freddie: Okay. I'll be back in 3 hours.

Marissa: Okay. Text me! I need to know are you okay.

(Freddie and Spencer headed for the mall and have seen Carly)

Carly: Hey guys! What are you doing here?

Freddie: I have came to buy myself a tuxedo for the Prom.

Carly: And Spencer is here because...?

Spencer: Mrs. Benson didn't let Freddie go by himself.

Carly: Why doesn't it surprise me?

(Freddie smiles)

Freddie (taking Carly's mall bags): Let me see what did you bought.

Carly (taking her mall bags back): No, no, no, no, no! Nobody gets to see the dress.

Freddie: Okay, sorry.

Carly: Apology accepted. Spencer, give me the apartment keys, I'm going home.

Spencer: Okay, kiddo.

Carly: Bye guys!

Freddie and Spencer: Later!

(Carly goes home)

(Freddie and Spencer go to the mall, find a perfect tuxedo and head back home)

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